TV Preview

Chillax, Inc.

Thanks to an accounting mixup, a stoner teen from New Jersey suddenly finds himself in charge of sprawling South Korean heavy industry conglomerate. Filmed on location in Seoul. Stars Jesse Eisenberg as “Devonne”; Emma Stone is his Korean assistant.

Thursdays on ABC.


Room and Boar!

A new reality show filmed in picturesque Burlington, Vermont where the ritziest Bed and Breakfast in town has been taken over – by a boar!!!! Stars a real, live boar.

Bravo, Wednesdays.


Dead of the Class

A serial killer swaps bodies with a kindergarten teacher… and now only a lonely, unlikable orphan can save the day.  With James Marsden as the killer/teacher, that guy from NCIS as the teacher/killer, and Will Arnett as the orphan.

Mondays on CBS, following “Big Bang Theory.”


Alien Skies

An astronaut returns to earth from an exploratory voyage to the darkest reaches of the wastes of deep space with a mysterious and inexplicable new companion: a wacky talking bulldog! Starring Scott Speedman as the astronaut, and featuring James Marsden as the voice of the dog.

Only on Syfy.


The Fat and the Furious

A personal trainer with anger issues invents a computer that can predict when people get fat, and races across the country to prevent it. Stars one of the other guys from NCIS as the trainer, Jon Cryer as the incredible predictive computer, and James Marsden as another, regular computer.

Tuesdays on Fox.


The Last Agent

A woman with no memory races against time to stop a crime she didn’t commit, but there’s a twist: she may not even exist! Stars Cobie Smulders as “Agent,” James Marsden as both “Handler” and “The Mechanic.”

Fridays on YouTube/Hulu.


Wait, What Did You Sing?!

Drew Carey hosts this underwater singing competition.

Sundays on CBS.

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Written by Josiah Madigan

Josiah Madigan

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