Trump’s Definitions of Common, Everyday Political Terms

President-Elect Trump recently referred to the UN as simply “a club for people to have a good time”. If you think that’s a bit startling and off putting, then wait until you see these other examples of…


Trump’s Definitions of Common, Everyday Political Terms:

Vice President

Sort of like a wing-man who will take all of the ugly chicks off of your hands.

White House

Kind of like a weekend cabin in the woods, but close to several Burger King and Wendy’s restaurants, so more tolerable.

Civil Rights

Ummmm….. Pass. Can we come back to this one?


Gets a bad rap. Why won’t you people let me help you?


A place where American citizens go when they’re ready to die.


Not sure about this one? I don’t mind them, but most of the folks in my party think that they shouldn’t get married to each other.


Something that you intentionally fill with horribly inappropriate people, just to amuse yourself. Kind of like one of those dog-parties that we used to have all of the time; you invite all of these ugly girls to the party, and it’s just funny.


Something that makes the American public feel better about things, but doesn’t really matter, or have any real effect. Kind of like a placebo, or marriage.

Civil Rights (attempt 2)

No…. nope, sorry. Pass.

Written by Kit Lively

Kit Lively

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