Town-Hall Debate Drinking Game

Do a shot every time that:


Donald Trump attempts to do damage control by jokingly offering a Tic-Tac to Hillary.

Hillary attempts to appear more relatable by doing an awkward, embarrassing dance of sorts.

A member of the G.O.P decides to turn their back on Trump during the debate.

Trump goes on a rambling, nonsensical, racist and or misogynistic rant that has nothing to do with anything being discussed.

Trump says something that is obviously a poorly disguised lie.

Hillary visibly shudders and flinches during one of Trump’s inane diatribes.

Finish your drink when:

Anderson Cooper does his best to hide an expression of disdain and nausea.


Written by Kit Lively

Kit Lively

Ain’t It Cool News said of Kit, “If Gary Larson is Bill Cosby, then Kit is Richard Pryor.” That’s a great quote, right? Man, I love that quote! That was, until Bill Cosby turned out to be a deplorable serial rapist. Now the quote isn’t worth shit, even though my name isn’t linked directly to Cosby’s! Thanks a lot Bill, you jackass. Not only have you ruined dozens of lives with your rapey ways, but you’ve ruined a perfectly good quote as well. I hope you rot in Hell, you scumbag.
Anyway, Kit’s cartoons have been published by lots of humor magazines, etc. etc. yadda yadda. (sigh)….