Rejected New Names for the Weinstein Company

Bad Touch Productions

Hurricane Harvey Inc.

Just a Massage

The Trauma Factory

Don’t Make a Production

Maid Service and Company

The Mole Station

Never Heard of Him Productions

Wine Stein Co. – now with 30% less sexual assault

Just Watch

Warn Her, Bros.

Touch and Go Incorporated

Where on the Doll Pictures

Good Ol’ Days Productions

Power Play Cinema

The Dominant Group

Our Little Secret Prods

Paramour Studios

Carpe Dame

Happy Endings


Written by Dylan Brody

Dylan Brody

Humorist/story-teller Dylan Brody has released five albums with StandUp! Records, an overlong digital album through Rooftop Comedy as well as a five-dollar downloadable video special. Two other specials currently stream at Revry.com and NextUpComedy.com. His play Mother May I won the Stanley Drama Award and in addition to his novels and novellas, he has been published in American Bystander, Annals of Improbable Research, Exquisite Corpse, Chicken Soup For The Soul: Very Good/Very Bad Cat, Intermountain Jewish News, The Comedians Magazine, and Dragon Magazine. He has toured internationally with his solo show Dylan Brody’s Driving Hollywood and has opened for his hero in the world of literary humor, David Sedaris. Would someone please explain to us why he still feels he has no career?