List Of Illegal Moves In Chess

Castling after having earlier moved your king.

Moving a pawn two spaces forward from any line but the second.

Flipping the board around while your opponent isn’t looking.

Failing to declare a check.

Capturing your opponent’s piece with a piece that is pinned.

Capturing your opponent with a piece that is unregistered.

Promoting to a piece of the opposite color.

Hollowing out a rook and using it as a crack pipe.

Sharpening a bishop and stabbing your opponent in the left (or right) eye.


Check fraud.

Losing your tournament, but then later stealing the trophy from your opponent.

Touching a piece and then moving a different piece.


Written by Daniel Galef

Daniel Galef

Daniel Galef has written light verse, heavy verse, sketch comedy, prose fiction, comic strips, death threats, one short-lived scientific advice column, and just about everything else for a hundred different venues in a half-dozen countries. His latest musical play, “The Original,” is currently running at the Montreal Players’ Theatre.