Letters To Santa

Every year millions of children write letters to Santa, occasionally he does write back.

Written by Steve Kerper

Steve Kerper

Steve Kerper has been writing stuff in NYC for over 150 years.He worked with National Lampoon & SNL legend Michael O’Donoghue on his last TV project and then went on to create Pirate TV for MTV and Hardcore TV for HBO, with such infamous sketches as RAGING BULLWINKLE and THIS OLD WHOREHOUSE. Steve wrote the family movie AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS and has worked on dozens of ( kinda crappy) movies. He is one of only a handful of Americans who has both a Noble Prize in Physics and a Latin Grammy. Steve has indicated his willingness to reunite with his former boy band and accompany them on their upcoming world tour. Steve Kerper’s TED talk, THINGS THAT ARE ALMOST BANANAS was considered incomprehensible by most, and yet there is talk about turning into either a mini series or possibly a glutton free snack.