Failed Made-Up Names Before They Settled on Brexit

 Great Escapain’


Great Bail-in’

Boris, Farage, Auf wiedersehen, Goodbye!

The Scottish Goodbye

Fuck EU Very Much

Boris’ Relief

The Farage Identity

The Farage Supremacy

The Farage Ultimatum

The Thelma and Louise Cliff Jump Of Politics


The English Extradition

The Red Wire/Blue Wire Cut Scene Gone Wrong

The Screw Everything Campaign

Faraginator 2: Judgement Day

Sharings Not Caring

The Great British Piss Off

Written by Timothy Latterner

Timothy Latterner

Tim Latterner is the leading expert on pizza folding techniques, black and white cookies, and all things sandwich related. He has written for CollegeHumor, Playboy Magazine, MAD Magazine, and a bunch of other humor publications. He’s a good guy, you should get to know him.