Common Complaints About Popular Sex Toys

We asked, you answered.   Results from our first Weekly Humorist Sex Toy Reader Survey!

Glade PlugIns
Despite misleading name of product, not intended to be used a butt plug (according to ER personnel).

The Destroyer 
What was this supposed to have destroyed?   My relationship with my husband?   Okay, maybe.   But my genitals are fine!

Vibrating Egg  
Didn’t really care for it.   Felt really weird, and kind of gross.   Still, a funny prank gift for the kids when Easter rolls around!

Strawberry Passion Deluxe Body Lube
Kind of an unpleasant flavor, similar to strawberry and ass (although, to be fair, might have to do with the portion of the body being used on).

Not a sex toy as it turns out, but rather a Magneto character beverage thermos from my kid’s X-Men lunch box.   My bad.

Written by Kit Lively

Kit Lively

Ain’t It Cool News said of Kit, “If Gary Larson is Bill Cosby, then Kit is Richard Pryor.” That’s a great quote, right? Man, I love that quote! That was, until Bill Cosby turned out to be a deplorable serial rapist. Now the quote isn’t worth shit, even though my name isn’t linked directly to Cosby’s! Thanks a lot Bill, you jackass. Not only have you ruined dozens of lives with your rapey ways, but you’ve ruined a perfectly good quote as well. I hope you rot in Hell, you scumbag.
Anyway, Kit’s cartoons have been published by lots of humor magazines, etc. etc. yadda yadda. (sigh)….