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Rudy Giuliani’s Cyber Security Tips

As Donald Trump’s administration continues to take shape, Rudy Giuliani has assumed the all-important role of being the President’s cyber security adviser. But it’s not just the President who can use Mr. Giuliani’s help—here are just a few of Rudy’s foolproof cyber security tips that are guaranteed to help keep every American’s computer safe. Never […]


How The Obamas Spent Their Vacation In The British Virgin Islands

When the Obamas departed from the White House on January 20th, they made a quick pit stop in Palm Springs, California before heading to the British Virgin Islands for a long overdue vacation. Here are just a few of the ways Barack and Michelle spent their time on this island paradise: Going scuba diving in […]


White House Confidential: Overheard During Trump’s First Week In Office

Anyone got a thesaurus? I’m running out of synonyms for the word “lies.” Where should we put the bust of Omarosa? Does the White House bowling alley have bumpers? Never mind, I’ll just have Kellyanne go on CNN and tell everyone I bowled a perfect game. The Washington Monument is making me feel really self-conscious, […]