2017 Ethics: Punching a Nazi and Other Acceptable Acts

Punching a Nazi

Putting an empty milk carton back into a fascist’s refrigerator

Inviting a skinhead to an Amway party

Tickling a Twitter troll

Adding a bigot’s e-mail address to the Bed, Bath and Beyond mailing list

Carjacking a climate change denier

Taking a mansplainer to a Sarah McLachlan concert

Subtweeting a big game hunter

Revealing Westworld spoilers to an anti-vaxxer

Written by Dan Wuori

Dan Wuori

Dan Wuori is a sports journalist and humor columnist whose “At the Back” appears monthly in VeloNews, North America’s most respected pro road cycling publication. Dan’s work has been highlighted in both Time and Bicycling Magazine – which recently named him one of pro cycling’s 100 most essential social media voices. Follow him on Twitter @dwuori.